The coming elections in Jersey represent significant change and opportunity for the people of the island. We will have the nearest thing to a general election since 1948. With the near absence of political parties, it is unclear how the results will affect policy detail. Having individual ‘independent’ candidates has it merits, but it means there is little scope for coherent consistent policy to be formulated in advance of the elections. If we can’t vote effectively on a party manifesto, what can we vote on? Candidates character is a possibility, political philosophy, the concerns that shape how they view the world is another.

Character is something only the beholder can decide for himself, but political philosophy is something that can be laid out by candidates in advance. This is an outline from a transition culture liberal ecologist perspective of how we move to a sustainable future. My view is decidedly one of supporting and promoting diversity. Just as natural systems gain their stability and resilience from bio-diversity I believe other systems also gain stability from diversity. Ecological, political, economic, and cultural diversity is highly desirable. We are going to need the resilience and strength that comes from that diversity to weather the coming global crises.

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