About me.

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Some relevant bits for this election:
I went to St John's school, then to Victoria College. I studied materials engineering at Nottingham University, and then went on to gain my Ph.D.

I was a County Councillor in Nottinghamshire 1988 -1990, winning the seat from the incumbent party. Before that I had been on the national committee of the Liberal Ecology Group, and of the Union of Liberal Students.

I gave up active politics to concentrate on the practicalities of earning a living and starting a business. While I continued to be a member of various campaign groups I never thought I might once again enter the arena (reminds me of 'Morituri te salutamus')
I find the introspection and determinedly narrow focus of the States of Jersey in the face of monumentally challenging imminent global issues such as climate chaos, oil depletion and over population to be breathtakingly negligent.

As someone who has been notionally in care as a child I am outraged by the recent revelations of the failings of and neglect within our care system.

I have reason to think I have some skills, abilities and experiences that are relevant to taking on the role of senator, but that is for the electorate to decide. For sure though this election cannot be about personalities, egos, Buggin's turn or wannabes. The stakes are way too high for that. It is the policies and the politics that have to predominate. Crucially it is the strategic direction we take that turns on the outcome of the next 2 months - is our future in growth or sustainability?

The big issues: peak oil, climate change, sustainability, population increases, environmental economics, food security, social justice.

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