Not for me

I have noticed a couple of people posting on fora assuming failed senatorial (and constable) candidates will stand as a deputy the following month. There is nothing wrong with being a deputy or a constable or standing again. However I have stated I think we should have a single election day with all of those seats that are up for election being contested on the same day. It would be somewhat inconsistent to have that policy and then blithely make use of the fact the policy isn't in place. So no, I won't stand as a deputy in November should I not be elected senator.

That doesn mean I'll just disappear into the shadows if not elected. There's too much that needs doing, and there are ways of making things happen from the outside.


To Zero said...

If you feel that you will be a good States member why should it matter whether you are elected as a deputy or a senator? The Liberal party in the UK has been so ineffectual because it has been hung up on principles and refused to play the power game of real politics.

Mark Forskitt said...

I can't go with that. If Simon Bellwood had played the office politics game, rather than blow the whistle on the abuse he saw, what then?

I sometimes use a quote of Ghandi - be the change you want to see in the world. I don't want a world where there is no moral or ethical principals. Sure sometimes I'll not live up to them, thats the fraility of being human.