I was asked on a Facebook to clarify where I stand on GST, so here it is.

GST is a regressive tax and I believe in progressive taxation. I campaigned against its introduction because of that. I would rather have consumption taxes on inessential , planet and life damaging, and luxury items. There is no sign of that happening soon locally, so I support the next best option on the table - removal from essentials like food, domestic power and water.

We could have avoided increasing GST if we had found a way to tax non resident non finance companies., That imbalance is  deeply unfair on locally owned businesses. Correcting this is key to reducing or removing GST, unless we introduce the consumption taxes above.


Anonymous said...

Think ten green bottles.

One green senator sitting in the States,

One green senator sitting in the States,

We need one green senator sitting in the States to challenge growth assumptions and show up their mistakes.

Go Mark, go.

Nick Palmer said...

But if one green Senator should accidentally fall, we'd have no green Senators and absolutely no-one with a *&$^* clue what the real situation is and what we need to do ASAP to avoid all the coming troubles

Mark Forskitt said...

Very droll. I have to point out I'm not a paid up Green. I prefer to think of myself as a Liberal Ecologist, but I don't think it makes a practical difference here.