We all know the best strategy: reduce, reuse, recylce in that order. Now Jersey's target for recycling is 36% - a pitifully low number. So low in fact that many UK councils are already at that level and are aiming to do better. North Flanders in Belgium has a 71% recycling rate.

The top recycling councils are those that have kerbside collection, and it would work here - Havre des Pas showed that. So why are we dithering? Why can't we have a world leading reuse and recycling set up to go along side our 'iconic' buildings , and our 'world class' developments? Its just not impressive is it, and that what this current States establishment are all about - impression.

There is a very important reason why the target recycling rate is critical, and could save us all a phenomonal amount of money and illness. The new incinerator is sized on the assumption we just won't do that much recycling, and of course to cope with the planned deliberate population growth. Take away either of those , and the new incinerator plans fall to bits. In fact if we recycled at 50% and sent some of the reuseable and recyclable materials elsewhere, the new incinerator would not work properly.

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