2008 Hustings questions - St Mary

I have noticed the JEP reporting of the questions and answers at the husting is rather incomplete. I still have the notes I wrote for many of them so I'll try give a flavour of what I replied on some that either were not reported in the JEP, or gave a truncated version that missed something.

When will will we have mains drains connection.

Like clean air, adequate housing and nourishing food, we are talking here about the basics of living. It is particularly important in a very densely populated island that we handle our sewage and surface water properly. The problems are going to get worse. Climate change predictions for Jersey suggest we will have 40% more winter rain, and that is likely to come in shorter periods of heavier storms and downpours. We have already had flooding from overflowing public drain in our house this year, and I have real concerns that the whole system is not up to dealing with the future rainfall patterns.


Anonymous said...

Please put a post at http://st-ouennais.livejournal.com/ so that your readers don't lose track of you. I nearly did.

Perhaps instead of relying on Jersey media you could make sure that everyone knows where to find this blog.

Maybe you did but I couldn't see it.

I have changed the link on my blog to this site, hope you approve.


Mark Forskitt said...

Hi Krakow crapaud,

No I don't mind, you can link where you like - its your blog after all.

I intend to keep the View from the West site running after the elections, but the leave the election specific blog in limbo.

I did post about standing here http://st-ouennais.livejournal.com/27789.html but I think you are right I could have made the manifesto/election specific site link clearer. I will add a simple post to amend that situation.