2008 Hustings questions - St Peter

I have noticed the JEP reporting of the questions and answers at the husting is rather incomplete. I still have the notes I wrote for many of them so I'll try give a flavour of what I replied on some that either were not reported in the JEP, or gave a truncated version that missed something.

On student support and means testing of parents.

I spent a year as the chair of Nottingahm Area Students council campaigning against the introduction of student loans and for full grants. At 18 you can be married, you could be in the army being shot at in Iraq or Afghanistan, you are an independent person. You should be able to to got to university on your own merits and strengths, not whether you parents feel like funding you, or a sibling is already at university, or a rich aunt will sub you, or some commercial lender thinks you are a good bet.

On the Bailiffs liberation day speech.

His speech was crass, inept and insulting to victims and survivors. The Bailiff clearly likes to be political. He wants £15 million of our tax payers money to fund an endowment to bring his selection of pictures over every year- that's politics too. He should resign, come on the hustings, and face the public like the rest of the candidates.

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